Types of Communication Request




Thank you’s



Make request(s) clear and specific.

Fill out all fields on the form.

Only church-sponsored ministries and events will be published.

Keep content of publication request to a maximum of 100 words for larger articles and no more than 30 words for short announcements.

Always consult ministry area leader before submitting a request.


All publication requests must be approved by staff area leaders. For bulletins, all requests are due prior to the week of publication. For newsletters, all requests are due no later than the 15th of the preceding month. All request content, design, and distribution is subject to the discretion of the Communications team.

Late Submissions

If a request is received after stated deadlines for publication, it will be postponed to the following week for bulletins and the following month for newsletters, or it will be cancelled if the request is made too late for a scheduled event. We value every request, and it is our wish to provide all submissions the time and quality they deserve.