waiting isn't easy

Waiting isn't easy...

Waiting... we are forced to do it all the time and if we are honest, none of us likes it. "Normal" life is hard enough - waiting in traffic, waiting for the Dr. to call back, waiting for Christmas, waiting for dinner to be ready. At times, waiting is synonymous with frustration!

And now, in the midst of a pandemic, we are forced into an even more difficult time of waiting. When will life return to "normal?" When can we get back to work? When can I visit my family and friends again? When will we be able to meet in person at church again? Waiting, waiting, waiting... frustration setting in, depression and despair not too far away. Waiting is HARD!

We are reminded that waiting has always been a part of having a relationship with God. While we may not be good at waiting, God is fantastic at it. In fact, one of the most phenomenal of God's character traits is his patience! He waited until "just the right time" to send His Son. He has been patient with our short-comings and our fickleness. He has been patient with our rebellion against Him. He has been patient in our ignoring His guiding presence. God is good at waiting.

If waiting is a desirable characteristic for God, then certainly, if should be something we work on. Waiting brings growth, waiting grows our faith, faith grows our hope, hope grows our love! In the midst of the hard times waiting, allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through you. Allow this time to be God time... which will certainly help this become a Good time for us and our relationship with Him..

The Lord isn't really being slow about His promise, as some people think. No, He is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. (2 Peter 3:9)

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. The will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. The will walk and will not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. (James 1:2-4)

"If the Lord Jehovah makes us wait, let us do so with our whole hearts; for blessed are all they that wait for Him. He is worth waiting for. The waiting itself is beneficial to us: it tries faith, exercises patience, trains submission, and endears the blessing when it comes. The Lord's people have always been a waiting people." (Charles Spurgeon)

On the Saturday of Holy Week, we collected images of "waiting" from our congregation. Below those images are shared with the song "Linger/'Tis So Sweet." Please give it a listen! We've also shared the favorite old hymn, "Just a Closer Walk with Thee."


David E. Payne

mustard seed

kfumc outreach update

drive thru mustard seed

children's ark serving our healthcare workers

kfumc kindness

caring for one another

Our mayor talks about Kerrville Kindness, so how will we respond to our health crisis with KFUMC Kindness? We have the following opportunities currently in place. If you have ideas for other ways we can respond to our church family members, please contact Donna at donna.magee@kfumc.org or call her at 830.890.8442. During this time, there may be others who need extra care. Please let Donna know of these persons so we can share Christ’s love with them. Thanks to all who continue to be the hands and feet of Christ by loving our neighbor.

Rev. Dr. Donna S. Magee

Associate Pastor

Kerrville First United Methodist Church

(830) 257-0841


encouragement team & adopt a senior

Encouragement Team has been organized to send personal notes of love and encouragement to all of our church family living in the local care facilities. During their time of isolation from the outside world, we want to ensure them that we’ve not forgotten them and that we are praying for them. 

Adopt a Senior has grown out of one family’s desire to help a senior who needs extra attention. If you know someone who needs extra care, please let me know. We encourage everyone to check in on their neighbors, particularly the elderly and those living alone. Visits are encouraged.

feed my sheep

Hospitalized members are being called and/or sent cards while in the hospital, again to express love and concern. Once home from the hospital our care team members will continue their follow-up calls to check on the members and offer frozen casseroles from our Feed my Sheep food ministry. PLEASE call the office (or have a family member or friend call) if you are hospitalized and let us know you are there as we are unable to visit at this time. Please notify us also if you have a scheduled surgery taking place.

Our Feed my Sheep food ministry has stocked the freezer with casseroles, soups, and desserts. Our homebound members and bus riders are being called to check on them and any needs they have. Casseroles and food from the food pantry are being delivered. We are also offering to shop for them and pick up medications if needed. More volunteers for this ministry may be needed as time passes. Contact Donna if you are available. Teenagers and young adults out of school are welcome to help as well!

prayer ministry

Prayer Ministry continues. We want to know how we can pray for you and your loved ones. Submit your prayer requests online. The prayer list will continue to be distributed weekly.

Sunday School classes and small groups are encouraged to set up phone trees to check on one another.

from pastor kevin

ideas & encouragement

Check out these ideas and encouragement for small groups!

How to meet when you can’t meet

· Contact Information

Don’t have full contact information for those in your group? Email laura.rhodes@kfumc.org or call/text  Pastor Kevin at 903.245.8329 and we will provide that for you. Or, you can use our directory from a desktop or iPhone.

· Telephone

Sometimes hearing someone’s voice is enough. Everyone in our groups can be reached by phone. Consider matching people into pairs to have a phone friend to rely on.

· Email

Share content and updates with your group, and allow people to respond to the email with their thoughts, questions and prayer requests.

· Text

Texting is a quick and easy way to connect. Have a large group? Try having smaller text groups of three people who will commit to checking in with each other.

· Video

What if you’d like everyone to see each other? 

Zoom is a video conference application that you can use to actually see, hear and interact with one another. Zoom works with a phone, tablet or computer. We have an account with Zoom that will allow leaders to set up a virtual “meeting.” Contact Pastor David if you are interested. Here’s an example of someone using Zoom for a Bible Study.

Go to Meeting is another video conferencing option.  

Apps like Apple Facetime, Skype and Marco Polo, are also effective for connecting by video with your people.

What to teach

· Continuing current studies

· Right Now Media

Right Now Media is a massive, excellent digital library of Christian content, including lots of studies. Everyone in your group has access through KFUMC. Each person can watch the video and then discuss together as a group. We can recommend a study for you.

· The Bible

Keep it simple! Explore God’s word together.

· Bible apps

For daily devotions and Bible readings, I suggest these two:

o “YouVersion Bible App” offers many Bible translations, devotionals, short studies, and ways to connect with others.

o “Pray As You Go” is a daily devotional app that publishes a new short devotion each day that you can listen to. It’s a “traditional worship” style devotion.

· KFUMC content

There will be frequent posting of content by your clergy and lay staff on Facebook and our website. Sunday worship services, devotionals, and more. Your group could use this content as a springboard for discussion and study together.

Considerations for Leaders

· How are you doing?

This is not just a hard season for those in your group. This is hard for you, too. If you are overwhelmed or concerned about leading, please contact me. We want to support you and listen to you. Let us know of any changes in the status of your group.

· Re-establishing normalcy

We encourage you to meet (virtually) at the same time that you currently do. You can adjust the time in order to view live stream worship.  Consistency like this can be healthy.

· Families with school-age children

Those with young children will be thrown for a loop as schools and daycare close. Families like mine are having to care for, teach and entertain our kids, while also working from home. There will be distractions, but also opportunities to include others in the family.

· Loneliness

There may be people in your groups that, before this pandemic, were already feeling a sense of social isolation due, for a number of reasons. It hurts to feel like their church has been “taken away.” Consider those who may need that extra phone call, video chat, or handwritten letter. If you sense that you or someone in your group may be depressed or considering suicide, contact a pastor and we can help you find the resources you need.

· Additional contact

Beyond a weekly virtual meeting, consider sharing a weekly devotional or calling each person in your group once per week to see how they are doing and pray for them. You can also share with them the content that our church will be putting out.

· Grow your group!

People are longing for a community of grace. Invite others to join your group! They could even live in another city or state.

· Emphasize prayer

We all need a lot of it right now. May this be a time to encourage your group to pray more for each other and for the world.

Psalm 27: 1-3