spark kids mid-week






Ages Kinder to 4th grade

6 to 7 p.m.

October 7 to November 18

Education Bldg, first floor

Kids will focus on their Faith Development with physical activities

(Formerly JAM)

Theme for this session:

 “Training for the Lord!” Mirroring the FBI’s four-event Physical Fitness Test (referred to as the PFT) we will work on our own PFT each week: the Physical Faith Test!

Over the course of the program we will get our bodies and spirits active through fun and physical games that will train us to perform in the following areas where we can please God: +Faith +Fear +Know God +Do God’s will. On the final day, we will put our training to the test in a fun and exciting PFT event relay.


Music: During this short time each week we will be playing boomwackers, flyswatter badminton, and bucket drumming as well as other fun games. Some activities will be inside while others will be outside. Come and join us as we learn how to play all kinds of music in a fun and creative way. (This will be taught by Sara Lohmeyer)

Please contact to register your child.