Ideas for families

Looking for some different family friendly videos to watch?? Check out RightNow Media that offers hundreds of titles for families and kids.

EASTER FOR KIDS:  Seeds of Easter, The Easter Promise and Witness, Bedbug Bible Gang: Easter Party; Storyteller Café-- Beyond the Manger, and Cherub Wings #10: And it was So! And, 5 minute Family Easter devotionals.

POPULAR & NEWLY RELEASED SERIES:  Superbook, Bibleman, Veggie Tales, Boz, 3-2-1 penguins, Owlegories, Slugs & Bugs, Night Owls and Early Birds, SeaKids, Friends & Heroes,

CATEGORIES:  Sing Along, Shorts, Movies for Kids, Animated Classics, Live Action Classics, Science & History, and Holidays

Broken down by age groups 0 to 12 years .

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