David became the Sr. Pastor of KFUMC in July of 2017. He attended Asbury Theological Seminary and has also pastored at Los Fresnos UMC, Bee Creek UMC (a church he helped to start), and Harlingen FUMC. David is married to Lori (a former Special Education teacher),  and they have two daughters, Sydney (married to Taylor Chamness) and Haley. He also has two grandchildren named Denver Mae and Chipper.

    David enjoys golf, downhill skiing, and enjoying the outdoors. David and Lori have two "fur babies:" Sparkle and Stella.

    "I'm still amazed that God has given someone like me the privilege of being a pastor," says David. "If he is willing to offer me grace, hope, love, and joy then I'm going to do my best to offer the same to others. I'm willing to try anything and everything... go anywhere and everywhere... at anytime and every time to make sure that anyone and everyone knows how much they are loved by Jesus!"


  • Pastor Spencer Thomas

    Associate Pastor

    Spencer Thomas grew up in the Methodist church. In his youth, it was camps and retreats, alongside the local church, that bolstered a passion for ministry in his life. He studied sociology at UTSA while leading small groups and worship on campus.

    He married his wife, Kendra, in 2015. The two of them lived in Costa Rica for 4 years as missionaries at an orphanage, where they taught at the Methodist school in San Jose. In 2019 they moved back to the states and began working at KFUMC.  


    Spencer has a passion and calling to reach college students and young adults in Kerrville. His love for reaching young adults in his community is evident within his ministry. Spencer now runs YAM, a young adult ministry group that meets weekly during the school year.

    Spencer's primary word of advice to anyone struggling in their faith walk is to be honest. "If you're honest with God," Spencer says, "He will meet you right where you're at. Nothing you could say to God would make Him love you any less!"



  • Monica O'Donnell

    Associate Pastor

    Monica, a former teacher of 19 years, was called into ministry in 2018. She is a graduate of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. Recently she was commissioned as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church for the Rio Texas Conference.  

    She married her college sweetheart, Brion O'Donnell, in 1999. They have two daughters, Ella and Ava Lea. Ella is a student at The University of Texas and Ava Lea attends Tivy High School.  

    Monica's passion is working with the marginalized, poor, oppressed, and neglected. She feels called to be the bridge between her church and community.  


    Monica wears quite a few hats. Aside from her role as an Associate Pastor, she facilitates Covenant Discipleship Groups on Wednesday nights, Band Meetings, and Faith & Friends Fellowship for vulnerable adults. Her greatest joy is the work she does up on the hill (Light on the Hill at Mt. Wesley). On Mondays, she walks down Methodist Encampment praying with people while they wait for their free groceries in the drive-thru food pantry line. On Sunday nights, she leads a dinner church called, “The Table.” It’s a different kind of church where everyone has a seat at the table. We set the table, serve each other, eat family-style meals, worship together, pray together, and clean up together.  


    Whether Monica is connecting people in fellowship or leading others in discipleship, she loves building relationships and making a difference in her community.