Faith & Friends

Faith & Friends Fellowship Hour

Faith & Friends Fellowship Hour

Journey with us to discipleship.

All are welcome! This is for visitors & people looking for something to do after the contemporary service.

TIME: 10:30-11:30 AM

(15 minutes before the 10:45 AM traditional service & when the 9:30 AM contemporary service ends, through 11:30 AM)

WHERE: Fellowship Hall, Kitchen Area

WHAT WE WILL OFFER: coffee AND the fixings (we will have our Keurig single cup maker, and a Keurig carafe maker)

Questions -

If you are interested in being a shepherd, please join me for coffee & muffins in the fellowship hall, either at 8 AM, or for decaf coffee & dessert at 7 PM, THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24.

Beginning September 11, 2022